What Are the Advantages of Responsive Design?

To introduce ourselves to the topic and understand the advantages that Responsive design brings to a website, it is necessary to understand what we are talking about. This technique is widely used today to make a website adapt to different platforms, such as tablets, computers, or smartphones.

Its objective is to offer the user a much more pleasant experience and meet their needs. Below, we will show you the advantages of Responsive design:

  1. Improve user experience.
  2. Increase organic traffic to your website (SEO).
  3. Increase webpage loading speed.
  4. Decrease bounce rate.
  5. Increase sales.
  6. Increase lead conversion rate.
  7. Better social media exposure.

User Experience

Undoubtedly, user experience is one of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about Responsive design, as it is what yields tangible results.

It has been proven that if a person accesses a website through a mobile device and does not find what they are looking for, over 30% will go to another site. That’s why it is extremely valuable for the user to have a 100% positive experience.

SEO and Mobile Geddon

Websites with responsive design are favored by Google, even more so when web searches are performed on mobile devices, increasing organic traffic naturally.

That’s why having a site that meets this type of design will be favored for users to see it in search results, regardless of the device used.

Another point to consider is that the URL structure remains the same on all devices, which also benefits the ranking and visibility of the website.

Page Loading Speed

Websites with responsive design are much faster and optimized for mobile devices, which is why the loading time is much faster compared to the desktop version.

To clarify, Google PageSpeed Developers recommend that content loads in less than 1 second and the entire page loads in less than 2 seconds.

Loading speed is a ranking factor for Google, and it is also crucial for users because if a website takes too long to load, they are likely to visit another site.

Bounce Rate

When we refer to the bounce rate, we are talking about the fact that websites with responsive design significantly reduce the number of users who access the site and leave without any interaction. Of course, this is closely related to the user experience.

The bounce rate percentage is essential for Google, as a high bounce rate indicates that the content is not relevant, and in such cases, it is likely that the site’s ranking will decrease.

Increased Sales

Today, an increasing number of purchases are made through mobile devices, and this is what businesses aim for: selling a service or product. Therefore, having a responsive website design is crucial for e-commerce.

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Increased Lead Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is a widely used metric to measure results, so increasing it is another significant aspect, and it can be done through mobile devices. That’s why, if your company/business uses social media to offer a product or service, you will need webpages with a responsive design.

How does it work? While users browse social media, your link will appear in their news feed, and when they click on it, it’s important that the page aligns properly.

Social Media Exposure

Nowadays, there is a growing percentage of people using social media through cell phones and tablets. Therefore, it is recommended that your website has a responsive design.

Again, we emphasize that if the user experience is satisfactory, the chances of sharing the page will be much higher. This applies to both the person accessing a link received on their mobile device and those using social media.

Thinking Ahead

Another advantage of responsive design is that it is created for different resolutions, allowing it to adapt to different device screens. Thus, you don’t have to worry about new devices entering the market; your website will adapt.

In short, if your website is built with responsive design, it will be ready for any device, including those that don’t exist yet.

Why Have Responsive Design?

Every day, the use of mobile devices to access and interact with the internet grows, which is why responsive design is becoming increasingly important.

Do you want to attract more visitors to your website? Then the answer is to start with a responsive web page. It is almost mandatory nowadays! We have confirmed this with all the advantages mentioned throughout the article.

Of course, in addition to attracting more users to the website, their experience will be 100% satisfactory, and the website’s positioning will be very good.

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