Is It Possible To Increase My ROI by Investing in UI/UX Design?

Nowadays, there are more and more businesses that understand the importance that the users’ experience have within an app/website. In fact, large companies such as Amazon and Netflix continue to grow because they take into account each of the needs of customers so that they are satisfied.

These companies invest in a good UI/UX design so their ROI increases. In short, they make money after having carried out the investment.

So, if you were in doubt whether it is worth investing in a UX/UI design to increase your ROI, the answer is yes and throughout this article we will show you in detail what are the benefits of doing so.

Before we start, let’s refresh the concepts that will be presented in the text. The term UX means user experience and has to do with how the person feels while using the website, blog, or app of a company. UI is the user interface, it should be simple and intuitive, the idea is to guide the user within the web/app.

Benefits of Investing in UX/UI Design: Increased ROI

When both design aspects (UX/UI) are taken into account, the benefit is broad for both the company and the users. Of course, the company is the one making the investment and therefore it is important to measure the results by mapping specific metrics.

As we have mentioned, user-centric UX/UI designs increase ROI and keep customers engaged with a given product or service. When this happens, they are unlikely to make a purchase with another company.

It is clear that when a good experience is achieved, it is the result of several aspects: planning, testing, analysis, and investment.

Long-term Cost Reduction

When UI/UX design is developed with a strategy in mind and a focus on the user, it will allow things to be done right from the start, so future costs are significantly reduced for both the investment and the development.

Of course this is achieved when UI/UX design professionals do their job well, contact us and get the best UI/UX designers!

Increased Sales

In reality, people who enter a website or app remember much more the experience they had with it rather than the product or service they purchased. This is why it is essential to invest in a good UI/UX design.

Thanks to this investment, it is possible to achieve a good flow of users within the website or app and make them feel at ease. When this is acheived, the margin of frustration is very low, so the purchase process is satisfactory and sales and ROI increase.

Long-term Loyal Users

Every company wants to get more and more users to purchase their product or service and even better if they keep doing so in the long term. This is possible if users feel a pleasant experience, if the navigation within the page is simple and intuitive, and even more if they can quickly find what they want.

This means that these loyal users over time will return again and again to buy your product or service, so the ROI and sales will increase. A statistic that demonstrates this is a study conducted by the American management consulting firm Bain & Company, which states that a 10% increase in loyal users increases the value of your company by 30%.

What Are the UI/UX Design Indicators To Know for Better ROI?

UI/UX design professionals take into account the interests and objectives of the company in order to build a good usability experience, and we can help you achieve it, contact us!

In order to know if your ROI increases, you can take into account the following indicators:

  • Higher conversion rate, brand loyalty, and customer retention (purchase frequency).
  • Reduced time to market, complaints, and time taken to complete tasks by users.
  • Improved customer satisfaction rates.

The number of sales increases. In addition, the audience number is increased and competitiveness is improved.

Statistics Demonstrating the Importance of Investing in a Good UI/UX Design

There is no doubt that most of the time it is essential to visualize certain statistics to realize the importance of making an investment in UX/UI design. Therefore, below we show you some of them.

Human Factors International (HFI), one of the largest companies in the world, and its UX director, Susan Weinschenk, showed a study where the designs that are focused on achieving a 100% satisfactory user experience generate an increase in ROI.

Some of the statistics cited in the study were acquired from the Why Software Fails article and one of them indicates that the cost of fixing a bug after UX/UI design development is up to 100 times higher than doing it before completion.

On the other hand, Jozef Toth (senior UX/UI consultant at Pfizer), compiled some statistics of companies that increased their ROI by investing in UX/UI design.

  • increased its revenue by 35% by making changes to its home page based on the users’ needs.
  • Bing, changed the color of its home page to a particular shade of blue and that change (previously studied) increased its revenue to more than $80 million.
  • 88% of users who access a website, blog, or app say that in order to stay and return they must have a satisfactory experience.

As we have seen throughout the article, it is extremely important to invest in a UX/UI design, since this will benefit your company’s ROI. Always remember that improving the user experience will have a positive impact on your profits.

Want a UI/UX Design That Makes You Stand Out From the Competition?

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Want a UI/UX Design That Makes You Stand Out From the Competition?

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