What Are the Main Characteristics of Interface Design?

Nowadays, a lot of attention is paid to the experience and the interaction that the user has when entering an app or website, therefore the design of an interface has certain main characteristics that must be respected to achieve their objectives.

It is clear that an interface design requires several elements for its success. The professionals who develop it have excellent design skills, extensive knowledge, and of course, a perfect understanding of the users’ needs.

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Now that it is clear what interface design is all about, we will explain in detail what the main features are, which by the way are all extremely important to achieve a good development. Let’s start!

The nine characteristics of interface design are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Conciseness
  3. Coherence
  4. Readability
  5. Interactivity
  6. Flexibility
  7. Familiarity
  8. Efficiency
  9. Attractiveness

Interface Design Characteristics

If you want to get a good interface design, take into account each of the characteristics that we will explain below, they are very useful!


As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, one of the objectives of interface design is that the user has a satisfactory experience and therefore clarity is key.

What do we mean by this? All information that is on the website or or app must be transmitted accurately.


This characteristic is closely related to the previous one and both have the same importance, because the information must be clear, but make sure not to add more than it is necessary.

Although sometimes it may seem “strange”, it is possible to offer little information and achieve an effective communication with the user. Make sure that the information is clear and concise.


When we talk about consistency we are referring to the “comfort” that is offered in the interface design to the users. If this exists, it will be beneficial for them because as they use the website or app they will be able to learn different functions and develop usage patterns.


Using a simple and clear language in the interface design is a key factor for all users to be able to read through it quickly. In addition, this allows them to get used to the different functions available in the interface.

Remember, if information is easy to understand, then the end-goal will be reached faster.


A good interface is synonymous with speed. This characteristic greatly enhances the user’s experience when accessing and staying in the interface. The different actions that can be carried out must be completed quickly, otherwise the user will go to another website or app.

In addition to speed, the interface must provide information to the user about the various tasks being performed at the time.


There are three aspects that must be taken into account. On one hand, the interface must have the capacity to eliminate erroneous actions performed by the user, as well as to be able to restore them without problems.

As for the third aspect, the interface should generate backups automatically.


Ideally, users should be familiar with most of the elements in the interface. This means that each of the elements is in the right place and similar to what is already known.


When creating a user interface, it is necessary and essential to understand the user’s objectives. To do this, every aspect must be thought through in detail so that the user can get to what he or she wants at the moment he or she chooses.

Efficiency in user interface design indicates that the user should never feel uncomfortable. For example, having too many additional options that delay the process to reaching their goal.


As we have been remarking throughout this text, the interface design is thought in relation to the user. Much attention must be paid to the visual aspects of the design.

Remember that this characteristic is the first one that is observed when entering a website or app. The design must have the power to attract the person’s attention and encourage him to stay in the interface.

Why Is It Important To Respect These Charactertistics When Designing the Interface?

Of course, each designer carries out the work as he/she thinks best, but as we could visualize throughout the text, the design of an excellent user interface requires the use of each of the described features.

In short, by incorporating each of these points, the user will be able to easily understand all the tasks, making the interface usable and adaptable to their needs.

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The best interfaces are those where the user forgets that he/she is interacting with an application, device, etc. Therefore, when developing interface design, it is necessary to add all the elements described in this article.

Knowing in advance what they are, it will be much easier to analyze every detail and remove those elements that are not a priority and interfere with the user experience.

Finally, keep in mind that the sole or most important purpose of an interface is the user’s interaction with the system, so it must be simple to understand. It is possible to develop a good interface design by following each one of our tips!

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